Semester One in the Pharmacy Technician Program and Beyond

My first semester in the Pharmacy Technician program (PHM) at Fleming College was challenging at times, as it has been awhile since I have been a full-time student, but I still enjoyed not only Fleming College, but also the Pharmacy Technician program; it has me excited about my future career as a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT). The first semester has laid the foundation for future semesters which will be more hands on. I liked learning about the business aspect of pharmacies, as well as the duties of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The first semester has also given me some great insight as to what a career in pharmacy will be like.

I did not realize the expanded scopes of practice for pharmacists before taking the PHM program, nor did I understand how important pharmacy technicians have become due to these expanded scopes. Not only did I gain new insight about pharmacists’ roles in patient care beyond filling prescriptions (such as MedsChecks and other clinics), I came to see how vital RPhTs are to help free up pharmacists’ time for these expanded roles in patient care. I understand how everyone working in a pharmacy is a team, who also work alongside other healthcare professionals as a bigger team, to ultimately provide the best healthcare for a patient. I also did not clearly understand the difference between pharmacy assistants and RPhTs before the program, and I found it interesting that pharmacy technicians can do final technical checks on prescriptions, as well as device demonstrations for patients. The PHM program has made me realize the importance of RPhTs in pharmacies, and therefore why the demand is there for this profession.

Not only are RPhTs useful in pharmacies, but it was motivating to also learn of the career possibilities outside of community pharmacies, and beyond. I am eager to begin my placements in both a community pharmacy, and a hospital pharmacy, in semesters three and four of the PHM program, to understand the differences of working in each kind of pharmacy as a technician. Though I am motivated to gain experience and work in either kind of pharmacy, I hope to pursue a career in a hospital pharmacy, preparing the various medications and IV’s for patients. Additionally, I have a heart for animals and was intrigued to learn that there are veterinary pharmacies. I would be very interested to work in a veterinary pharmacy, or a pharmacy that supplies zoos with animal medication. Furthermore, military bases that have pharmacies which employ civilian RPhTs are appealing to me too. It is fascinating to hear about the opportunities once I become registered.

I hope to continue to work hard and do my best at Fleming College in the PHM program. As a single stay-at-home mom, beginning this program was intimidating at first. However, after completing my first semester and I am no longer intimidated, but rather motivated to keep moving forward towards a promising career, with many possibilities to grow. I cannot wait for what is ahead.


A Look Back at My First Semester

As my first semester in the Pharmacy Technician (PHM) program at Fleming College comes to a close, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed learning, and to learn about something that I will actually have a career in is rewarding. I found it interesting to learn about where my diploma in Pharmacy Technician will take me after graduation, and about all of the possibilities that being a Registered Pharmacy Technician can offer. I am excited to start thinking of where I will do my field placements later in the program, and to hear about the upcoming courses where I will begin to apply my knowledge from first semester.

I have no regrets from my first semester, but I did have some challenges that I will work on for next semester. I am a quiet person who likes to keep to myself. I don’t mind spending my breaks alone, as I utilized them to get work done and study. However, I do take awhile to get to know new people. This presented as a negative thing when there were group projects. I did find it challenging to speak up and find a group, and I did have to end up doing one group project alone which meant extra work for myself. I definitely will self advocate a lot more next semester, and not be afraid to put myself out there more so I can get to know my peers better, and they can get to know me. I believe this program will be a great stepping stone for me to prepare for the workforce, after spending many years in the home raising kids. This semester and future semesters will not only teach me the knowledge I need to become a Registered Pharmacy Technician, but it will give me the skills to be more assertive and interact with people so I can do well with people in the workplace.

I am looking forward to semester two, and all that is to come after!